Internationale Jugendbegegnung 2021 Estland – Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

Lagerfeuer im Camp in Nova

Bei dieser internationalen Jugendbegegnungen kommen junge Menschen aus ganz Europa zusammen um gemeinsam kreative Workshops und Ateliers zu besuchen. Der interkulturelle Austausch, das Kennenlernen von Jugendlichen aus verschiedenen europäischen Ländern und das Entdecken der baltischen Küstenlandschaft stehen weiterhin auf dem Programm.

Auszug aus der Einladung der estnischen Partnerorganisation:

International teenage camps will be hosted on seaside in the West of Estonia in Laanemaa County in the municipality of Nova. Beautiful nature, numerous historical places, 200 years long tradition of health resort, unique cultural events are the treasures of the County. Nova with warm sea, white sand, mushroom and berry crops, picturesque lakes, cobble stone road and many places of interest is ideal place for leisure. The aim of Nova camp is to give young people possibility to have active, healthy and meaningful summer vacations with different sport adventures, to enjoy unspoiled nature and to learn to live in harmony with it, also to explore and realize their own capacities and limits. The program will include water activities, sport and ball games, eco-hikes, bicycle trips to places of interest, horse riding, fishing, rowing, sailing with Viking boats, acquaintance with local culture and many other exciting things. Mens Sana in Corpore Sano (Healthy Spirit in Healthy Body) – this is the message of the camp! Besides all this, camp gives possibility for intensive contacts between local youth and their peers from abroad, showing youngsters the diversity of world cultures, broadening their horizons and encouraging active communication through games and creative activities. Finally, there will be some voluntary work for nature protection and to support local community.
The area of the camp is about 3 hectares and it can host over 70 youngsters on one shift. The age of local participants is 10-18. Local teenagers are mainly Russian-speaking of minority communities of Estonia. Videos from past camps are available here and

Ostseestrand bei Nova

17. – 28. Juli 2021


Eingeladen sind 50 Jugendliche aus zahlreichen europäischen Ländern.


14 – 19 Jahre


 Englisch Deutsch  Luxemburgisch


660 Euro

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